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There is a dump truck with orange color.

Air Brake System

Air Brake Hose – 100 % Virgin Material, Long Service Life

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Nothing is more important than your safety. Regularly overhaul your air brake system and upgrade your brake hardware is the smartest choice.

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Qianli is your one-stop supplier for truck air break hoses. To compatible with the whole air break system, we provide nylon recoiled air hose, PU air hose and rubber air hose for your choice.

There are three recoiled air brake hoses with red, blue and green color.

Brief Introduction

Air brake system plays a crucial role in heavy-duty vehicles on the road. Such as trucks and trailers. The normal operation of the system ensures a safe and effective stopping. As you can see in the picture above, the blue color hose, called service line, is used to carry air to the brakes. It is controlled by the foot brake on the trailer. The red one, called supply line or emergency line, is used to supply a steady stream of air to the air tanks. The tubes mentioned above are commonly made of nylon or PU material and are used to connect the front cab to the rear trailer. Besides, we also provide rubber air brake hoses which are installed near the tires. These rubber hoses can withstand high pressure compressed air and are more durable.

Air Line Location

There are certain applications for air brake tubing on heavy tractor-trailers.

  • Between cab and trailer.
  • Air horns.
  • Air tanks.
  • Axles and others.


Air brake hose, assemblies and end fittings for trucks and trailers should be produced according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

The selection of the air brake hoses and hose fittings must take into account the following factors:

  • Construction.
  • Tensile strength.
  • Boiling water conditioning and tensile strength.
  • Thermal conditioning and tensile strength.
  • Vibration resistance.
  • End fitting retention.
  • Thermal conditioning and end fitting retention.
  • End fitting serviceability.
  • End fitting corrosion resistance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Extruded from 100 % virgin material (not reground).
  • Available in mono wall and multilayer tubing.
  • Both coiled hose and straight hose provide for different needs.
  • Complete product models available for various fitting sizes.
  • Various affordable materials options for different tubing location needs.
  • Multiple hose fittings are available.

We Recommend

* The service and emergency air lines can be purchased together as a set or separately.

Recommend major air brake fittings

  • Brass compression type.
  • Brass push-to-connect type.
  • Composite push-to-connect type.


The black rubber air brake hoses are installed near the tire.

Rubber air hose on truck axle

The red and blue air brake hoses are installed between the cab and trailer.

Nylon air hose for truck air brake system

The red rubber brake hoses is installed on the truck air tank.

Rubber air hose for truck air tanks

The black rubber brake hoses is installed on the truck axle.

Black rubber air hose for truck brake

The red and blue air hoses are installed for truck air brake system.

Air brake hoses between cab and trailer

The air brake system of the truck is installed with reinforced PU hoses.

Air hoses for air brake system