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How Important the Air Hose is?

To put it bluntly, the air hose is merely an accessory used to connect the air compressor to your pneumatic tool. Sometimes you may think the air compressor is more critical than the hose.

Actually, the air hose products can be divided into many specifications and types. Different materials has different characteristics and different types of air compressors require different air hose diameters and operating pressures. If you choose at random, I'm afraid it will cause improper transmission of power. Maybe a low-pressure drop or a tube burst, etc.

Several Factors May Influence Your Choice

  • Hose Diameter

    Hose size is measured by its ID (Inner Diameter). But this does not mean that the same inner diameter of the air hose will have the same outer diameter. The outer diameter of the air hose depends on the thickness of the hose wall and whether there is a reinforcing layer. It is not difficult to understand that air hoses with a smaller diameter are lighter in weight.

    The most used sizes in practical application are 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch. Air hoses, with 1/4 inch diameter, are commonly used for air tools which don't require high pressure and a mass air transmission. Such as air nail gun or air paint sprayer. If you are looking for a air hose for your pneumatic hammer or mining machinery. We do not recommend hoses less than 3/8 inch in diameter.

  • Hose Length

    The standard lengths of air pipes are generally 50 feet and 100 feet. It is generally believed that a 100 foot long hose is more convenient during use. Because it can extend farther. But in some specific cases, a 50-foot hose may be a better choice. Besides, the type of air compressor is also important. Compared with the stationary type, the portable one only needs a shorter length. Sometimes moving air compressors is easier than moving hoses.

  • Material
    • PVC

      It is the most economical and practical type. Its weather resistance may be a little bit worse than others. And this type of hose is not recommended for regular use.

    • PU

      Featured with excellent performance and smooth surface, it is a great choice for outdoor framing. This type of hose weighs up 40% lighter than PVC air hose. There are straight type and recoiled type available for different needs.

    • Nylon

      It resists to abrasion and has excellent dimensional stability and low permeability. The same as PU air hose, it is available in straight type and recoiled type.

    • Rubber

      Rubber can stay soft and flexible even in the cold winter. But heavier than other materials.

      This type of air hose is not ideal for operations on the roof or other special conditions. It may tend to slide off the roof under its own weight.

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