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There is a coil of rubber air hose for air nail gun.

Air Nail Gun

Air Nail Gun Hose – Available in Various Materials and Sizes

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Will any air hose work for your air compressor and nail gun? Actually, a right air hose will help your finishing work become more effective.

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The pneumatic air hoses, designed for air nail gun, can be manufactured from various materials, including PVC, PU, rubber or nylon. All products are extruded from 100 % virgin material (not reground).

Use an air nailer to hammer nails into the wood.

Brief Introduction

Pneumatic framing nailers are ubiquitous tools for woodworking in a variety of construction projects. They are convenient and efficient for shelf & cabinet making, household renovation and fence construction, etc. To start the tools preparation for a new project, a lightweight air compressor, a reliable air hose and a framer nailer should be in your list. The hose is required to connect the air compressor and the nailer for air delivering. Some people may think that air hoses are not very important accessories for the air compressor. But, the selection of hose material, diameter and length all affect the efficiency of power transmission. We'd like to discuss with you and provide reliable advice for your projects from automatic to woodworking.

Material Selection

There are various material options available for air nail guns.

  • Rubber

    Rubber can stay soft and flexible even in the cold winter. But heavier than other materials.

  • PVC

    It is the most economical and practical type. But not recommended for regular use.

  • PU

    Featured with excellent performance and smooth surface, it is a grate choice for outdoor framing.

  • Nylon

    It is resistant to abrasion and has good dimensional stability and low permeability.


The hose selection of the air nail gun must take into account the following factors:

  • CFM (Cubic Feet/Minute)

    It is a measurement of the quantity of compressed air supplied by the air compressor or required by the air nailer.

  • Pressure

    The pressure of the air is measured in bar, PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). 1 bar = 14.5 PSI.

  • Pneumatics

    What types of air is used? Compressed or pressurized air?

  • BSP Thread

    British Standard pipe thread. Even in countries which use the metric system, the imperial based BSP standard is used (Except in the USA).

  • NPT Thread

    National Pipe Thread. An inch based thread used in the USA.

  • Gauge

    In air nailer applications, this refers to the fitting size or internal diameter of the hose.

Why Choose Us?

  • For use with high pressure compressors and nailers.
  • Extruded from 100 % virgin material (not reground).
  • Both coiled hose and straight hose provide for different needs.
  • Available in mono wall and multilayer tubing.
  • Non-marring, abrasion-resistant.
  • Resistant to any weather, even extremely cold winter.


Air nail gun with blue air hose for furniture making.

Air nailer hose for furniture making

Air nail gun with orange air hose for roof repair.

Air nailer hose for roof repair work

Secure the floor covering with air nailer.

Air nailer hose for floor covering

A man is repairing the roof with air nail gun.

Blue air nailer hose for roof repair work

Secure the stairway panels with air nail gun.

Air nailer for stairway panel fixation

Secure the wooden board with air nail gun.

Air hoses for carpentry