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  • There are various air hoses with different sizes and colors.

    PVC/PU/Nylon Air Hoses

    Quality & Affordable for air delivery in construction, chemical, medical, mining, food & beverage, aeration & agitation, etc.

  • The spraying gun is connected with a recoiled orange air hose.

    Recoiled Nylon Air Hose

    Serve the air distribution system of paint spraying tool.

  • There are two rolls of rubber air hoses with red and yellow color.

    Rubber Air Hose

    Manufactured from
    100 % virgin EPDM/SBR/NR material (not reground).

  • The spraying gun is connected with a recoiled orange air hose.

    Apply to Air Nail Gun

    Convenient & efficient for shelf & cabinet
    making, household renovation and other
    framer finishing works.


One-Stop Supplier of PVC/PU/Nylon/Rubber Air Hoses

We offer product design, engineering and manufacturing management services for inspiring new businesses.

Founded in 1988, Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a leading, diversified and dynamic company from China. The company has established a strong presence in the key areas of light and heavy duty industries, such as auto repair fields, construction, carpentry, furniture manufacturing, mining and marine. After 30 years of hard work, the company has been a regular and credible air hoses supplier for providing innovative products and excellent service.

Unpredictable Products Quality

Improving production rate & upgrading product performance are the vane of development.

Configuration & Customization

We are committed to providing practical solutions to our customers.

Test, inspection & Validation

Strict quality control system ensures that the hoses sold are most useful in practical fields.

30 Years of Production Experience, 15 Years of Export Experience.

Specific Applications

We provide a wide range of high performance services across multiple industries and technologies

Paint Spray

Paint Spray

Air hoses are essential for paint spray equipment. There are 3/8 inch diameter hoses for general spray uses. Special size can be customized for your needs.

Pneumatic Hammer

Pneumatic Hammer

We provide high pressure air hoses for compressed air delivery in pneumatic hammer applications. Air hose materials are available in PVC and rubber.

The brake icon

Air Brake System

We offer quality air hoses for vehicle brake system. There are straight or recoiled nylon air hoses, PVC air hoses and nylon air hoses for your choice.

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How to Choose a Right Air Hose

Air hoses have a wide range of applications in compressed air transmission. However, air hose of different materials have different characteristics.

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We are a professional manufacturer providing customers with the highest quality air hoses, services and solutions.


Punctual Delivery Time

To meet with the customers' urgent needs, regular sized air hoses are prepared in order to be delivered as quickly as possible.


Production & Technology

All products are manufactured from 100% virgin materials through advanced production technology and equipment.


Customized Service

The types mentioned above are our general ones, for more information, please contact us for any requirement.

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