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Polyurethane air hose provides superior coil memory

Polyurethane air hoses manufactured by us are the finest on the polyurethane air hose market. This kind of air hose well solves the kinking and abrasion common limitations. The lightweight polyurethane air hose is very easy to drag to roof. And the smooth and non-marring finish surface makes it suitable for indoor trim work without any damage and injures. Moreover, the material of polyurethane has excellent cold weather flexibility. Equipped with swivel end fittings the service life has prolonged. Our polyurethane air hoses have two forms: the straight ones and the spiral ones.

Air hose made of polyurethane material in black color Polyurethane air hose spiraled and in orange color
Black polyurethane air hose spiraled
Orange color polyurethane air hose spiraled
Polyurethane straight type air hose in gold color Blue polyurethane air hose packed into a coil

Gold color straight polyurethane air hose

Blue color straight polyurethane air hose

Polyurethane tube offers good hydrolysis, oil and cold resistance.
The reinforcement is polyurethane braided.

Due to its features of flexible and durable, they find their applications in auto repair and assembly, car wash systems, nailing and stapling, nut runners, airspace manufacturers, shipbuilding fields, agriculture, construction and other usages.


  • Compared to traditional rubber air hose or PVC air hose it weighs up to 50% less in weight allowing users to work faster and more efficiently.
  • In extreme climate even in cold winter it remains the good flexibility.
  • The structure of braided polyurethane provides a longer service life.
  • Working in the pressure of 300psi, it can be operated for staplers, air tools, and sprayers.
  • Outstanding coil memory.
  • Oil and abrasion-resistant.
  • Working temperature can be up to -20°C to +60°C.

The straight polyurethane air hose specifications:

No. I.D. (in) O.D. (in) B.R. (in)
PAR-1/4-3/8 1/4 3/8 1.000
PAR-1/2-3/4 1/2 3/4 1.625
PAR-3/8-9/16 3/8 9/16 1.625
Working pressure up to 300psi, and the color is standard clear blue, or upon request.

The spiral form polyurethane air hose specifications:

No. I.D. O.D. Working pressure Temperature Standard weight Min bend radius
mm mm MPa °C kg/roll mm
PAR-6.5-10 6.5 10 0 to 1.5 -20 to +60 6.0 40
PAR-7.0-10 7.0 10 0 to 1.0 6.0 50
PAR-8.5-12.5 8.5 12.5 0 to 1.5 9.0 55
PAR-10-14.5 10 14.5 0 to 1.5 11.5 70
Any colors are available upon request.

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