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Different air hoses give us a comfortable and colorful lifetime

Air hose is a hose device that can transfer the media air to air tools or compressor equipment. It can be used in many places, for example amusement of scuba diving and transportation of auto braking. Because of its importance to people’s life, most air hoses are manufactured to be durable and tested strictly.

PVC material air hoses in blue, black and red color Rubber braided air hoses in yellow, black and red color
PVC air hoses in black, red and blue color Rubber braided air hoses in black, red and yellow color

Air Hose Applications:

Air hoses are often used for air compressors. The air compressors are connected to other device via a hose. In fueling stations, air can be obtained by the air compressors to cars. In addition, air hoses can be used for various types of air tools that require operating by compressed air, e.g. air sprayers.

Air hose can be used on scuba diving suits Air hose can be used on truck braking system
Air hose used for diving Air hose used for truck

Air Hoses Types:

Air hoses can be classified into three types by applications.
For offering air of scuba diving, it’s one important and fundamental part of diving dress or other diving equipment. They can be called low pressure air hose used at the pressure of 20 bar (290 psi), and high pressure air hose at the pressure in excess of 300 bar (4,400 psi).
Air hose can be used for vehicles, which need to use air brake systems. This kind of air hose is called air brake hose.

According to the materials, air hoses are divided into rubber air hose, PVC air hose, polyurethane (PU) air hose, and nylon air hose.

In terms of the woven patterns, there are wire braided air hose and spiral wire air hose.

Features and benefits:

  • Air hoses have good surface slip, so they are easy to operate.
  • Ultra-lightweight and good flexibility, easy to install.
  • Excellent low temperature resistance and can be used even in winter.
  • Flexible and soft, people are not easy to trip over.

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